Being The Boss

Be courageous, it's not easy to do the right thing. It takes a large heart filled with love and genuine caring for your people. Remember love holds people accountable to be their best self and to keep improving that best self. You have been given a great responsibility to serve and care for the people who work for you. Give them your best and your business will be blessed and grow. Then you'll be given even more opportunity to care for more people. It's also important to keep in mind your business cannot improve unless your people do.

Go be the boss, someone has to lead if people are to overcome their mediocrity, come together and be part of something extraordinary! You've all seen it and been part of it in your past, now share it and help your company be that kind of place!

Last, remember they're going to challenge you because they want to see if you mean what you say. Be prepared to stand strong and remember as leaders you are the lowest form of behavior you except and tolerate.

Be your best!

By Mike Moore


If you wake up everyday to learn, grow and improve, your attitudes, skills and actions, to be a likable, trustworthy, expert, who is helpful, caring and courageous, you'll do more na have more!
Make your 'To Be List' of the things you want to be and stay focused on them rather than on what you want to do or have!

By Mike Moore

7 Up's To Peak Performance

Rise UpStart and end each day with grit, determination, gratitude and a smile! Put a bounce in your step and energy in your voice!

Show UpArrive early and be prepared with the right intention and purpose.

Reach UpSet high expectations and only accept your very best. Keep learning, growing and improving.

Listen UpPeople will know you care about them, and trust you, if you’re listening with the intention to help, serve and do what’s best for them.

Stand UpBe courageous! Ask the difficult questions and be willing to serve people, not please people. Be the expert by sharing your knowledge and experience to help them do what’s best for them.

Warm UpBe helpful. People will feel what you feel and believe what you believe. Be caring, kind and courageous. Difficult situations and people require more time, courage and expertise…Be gracious and friendly but firm in your conviction to do what’s best for them.

Follow UpFollow through! Do what you say you will do. Stay in touch and leave people knowing you care about them and are there to help them. Always do a little more than you promise…Go the extra mile!

By Mike Moore

Real Leadership Is An Act Of Love!

Leaders pay attention, people will respond to your challenge is your challenge is made because you love them and want the best for them. #MooreThoughts #Leadership