From Organization, To Growing, Flourishing, Organism!

If you want to create an organism that grows and flourishes, instead of just another organization! If you want to be a good boss and provide a good job, help people grow by...

1) Building relationships. Create partnerships, build trust, share ideas and accomplish work, pursue excellence! Care more about people, than things! Be trustworthy!
2) Develop people. Help others learn, grow and improve to become more effective through strengths, expectations and coaching.
3) Lead change. Embrace change and set goals that align with a stated vision. Be obsessed with improve,ent and finding a better way, not the easy way!
4) Inspire others. Encourage, enlighten and empower others through positivity, vision, confidence, challenges and recognition. Adjust attitudes, keep lifting people to reach new heights.
5) Think critically. Gather and evaluate information that leads to smart decisions. Overcome your confirmation bias, look for new informatin that changes what you believe, not confirms what you already believe.
6) Communicate clearly. Share information regularly and concisely. Take responsibility for people understand about what you say, not just for what you thought you said.
7) Create accountability. Hold yourself and your team responsible for performance. Hold people accountable to learn, grow and improve!
Adapted from It’s The Manager...Seven expectations that are necessary for success in any role!
By Mike Moore