As a futurist and early adopter of technology in business, I began researching and speaking about technology, the internet, and the coming 'new economy' in 1992.

Today, we're living and working in a time of historic change, a significant transformation is occurring. A new age in business is developing, driven by rapidly changing demographics, globalization, consumer and employee attitudes, along with the accelerating advancement in technology, artificial intelligence. As we continue to experience a maturing use of technology we will live in continual transition to a 'new economy', in fact to a whole new world!

Old economic rules, models and methods are giving way to this 'new economy'.  Add to this that more change will be experienced in the next decade than in the past 100 years and it's the perfect leadership challenge.

People everywhere, in every industry, are aware of the need to change, but many are challenged by old habits, their desire for comfort and a return to past successes. Too many leaders are suffering from 'Economic Normalcy Bias'!

Courageous, visionary leaders are needed to make a successful transition in this 'new economy'.  These leaders will be counted on to guide their organizations through the transition by implementing shifts in intentions that will bring about new attitudes, skills and actions that will challenge people to keep learning, growing an improving so they can generate their best results.

Welcome to 'The New Economy' and a new age of business.

In this 'new economy' we will measure companies by how much value they bring to the lives of their employees and customers. We'll also measure salespeople by how many customers they make, not just this months sales totals . Of course, if you make customers you'll experience sustainable sales growth and increased profits.

Leaders who coach will be the big winners in the 'new economy'! They'll become 'Employee First Leaders' that create 'Customer First Companies'. They'll do this by being engaged, connected and communicating with people to help them reach their peak performance. They'll focus on their employees experience first and this will create a world-class customer experience. 

Sales leaderships will be a key part of a company's success in this 'new economy'. World class sales organizations will be lead by those who learn and practice The ABC's Of Sales Leadership...Always, Be, Coaching!

In my workshops, seminars and coaching sessions I teach, train and coach leaders and manager how to become leaders who coach.  I also teach salespeople how to shift their intentions to make real connections with people that build trust and make customers that grow a business!

To make your next event, convention, meeting, workshop, seminar or ongoing education an exceptional experience that produces measurable results, contact me at or call me at 858-354-2802.