Breakthrough To Live and Work A Level Up

Life is full of decisions but the most important one you can make is to choose who you will
be, not what, but who. Until you do you will live to your nature instead of to your potential and your nature will drag you down as it drives you to be comfortable, make excuses and listen to your doubts and fears. If you want to be your best it starts with the conscious decision of who you will be. This decision will enable, empowers and motivate you to live a level up fro your nature and be your best self.

Start Now...
To get started make yourself a 'To Be List' right now! Keep it small, 7 to 10 character traits you want to be. You are beginning to write your reputation with these traits as they will give you a compass to follow, a plan of action to take when making decisions in your life that will lead you to your best most extraordinary state.

Stay Focused...
Make your list, then be mindful, meditate and focus on making all your decisions to live to be that person. When you start living with these intentions you'll live a level up from your nature and stand out in all you do. Living with purpose and intention gives you the self-discipline, self-control and self-confidence to be the person you were created to be...An exceptional peak performer!

By Mike Moore