What Leader Do To Lead

Be accountable...Take responsibility! Create and support an open, positive, risk taking environment. Have the courage to be open, honest and direct. Don't send messages, say what you mean and mean what you say. Focus on solutions, not fault finding or assigning blame. See unwanted results as an opportunity to coach and teach to improve individuals and the organization. Don't be defensive. You don't have to have all the answers...Just help people find them.

Set and raise standards...Keep raising the bar. The lowest form of behavior you allow defines who you are as a leader. Blur the lines between job assignments...The mission is everyone's job. Don't allow average attitudes, thinking or behavior. Assign and monitor all work to teach and coach using specifics situations. Hold people accountable...Starting with yourself!

Coach attitudes, teach skills and manage actions to help people learn, grow and improve...Don't overreact! Make people more important than results and manage people's attitudes before they become actions that produce poor results. Don't accept or allow average thinking or behavior...Reject mediocrity! Care enough about the person to challenge them to do what they don't want to do, that will help them grow, improve and become the best they can be. Be a servant, do what's best for people don't just try to please them.

Make people more important than things, results or accomplishments. Make taking time for people a priority to validate and show your respect for them. Ask people's opinions...Pay attention and listen. Reward extra effort...Pay attention. Make people feel important...Pay attention and pay complements. Don't avoid conflict, it will serve you and the people you care about, but be kind, compassionate and respectful. Listen to people to validate them and their efforts, growth and accomplishments. Did I mention pay attention? Be mindful that people will treat each other and your customers the way you treat them.

Be a change advocate...Lead the change. Encourage others to embrace change! Ask people how they and the organization can improve. Question everything...Never except or settle for the status quo. Make learning, growing and improving the primary goal. Hold people accountable to change so they'll learn, grow and improve...When they don't or won't, then, change your people. 

By Mike Moore