I began speaking and consulting full time in 1992 and have created keynote presentations, courses, workshops, seminars, breakout and coaching sessions that now make up the MOORE LEADERSHIP & PEAK PERFORMANCE SERIES. In this series I share unique insights to help business owners, executives and managers become leaders who coach, motivate and inspire people to be their best. The series also includes sessions that help sales manager’s breakthrough and become sales leaders who coach, manage and develop peak performing salespeople.


Leading Your People Back To The Future

Leaders Who Coach, Win

Locker Room Leadership

Lead, Follow Or Be Average

Employee First Leaders Create Customer First Companies

The ABCs Of Leadership...Always Be Coaching

Turning Managers Into Mentors

Engaging, Connecting, Communicating and Building Trust

Public Speaking, Communication & Presentation Skills For Leaders

Recruiting, Hiring & Developing A #2

Attracting, Recruiting, Hiring & Retaining Top Talent

12 Steps To Excellence & The 213 Performance Culture

Tips & Traits For Peak Performance

Life & Other Tough Assignments

When Winning Isn't Everything

Building You...Thinking Inside The Box

My 37 years of industry specific knowledge enabled me to develop THE MAKING CUSTOMERS SERIES that addresses the specific challenges faced everyday by owners, executives, managers and employees in the homebuilding industry. The courses include education for professionals in the homebuilding, design center, sub-contractor, building supply and floor covering industries.

The Making Customers Series

New Home Retailing

Finished Home Design

Floor Fashion Selling

The Sales Journey...Building Trust & Becoming The Buyer's Guide

The ABCs Of Sales Leadership...Always Be Coaching

Becoming The Preferred Sub-Contractor Or Vendor

Selling In The Social Age

Technology In The Sales Process

Keeping Customers Takes More Than Customer Service

All of my sessions include practical perspectives and an understanding of human nature that enables me to connect with my audiences to help them produce measurable, sustainable, results, and make your next event, training or ongoing education exceptional. For booking information, contact me at 858-354-2802.

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