Leaders Are Impatient & Unrealistic

Leaders believe things can be done more quickly and that more is always possible. They understand there are limits but are always looking for ways to exceed them. They see obstacles as a sign they are on the right path to accomplish significant results because obstacles stand between mediocrity and their destination.

This often makes them hard to deal with if they aren't servant leaders who realize people come before results, because people produce the results.

Being decisive and taking action are key traits of these top leaders. They don't wait for the perfect plan because they know it doesn't exist. Instead, they are flexible so they can take actions to implement their plans and perfect them as they go along. This produces positive results while others are working to perfect their plan. It also creates a culture of change, adaptation and flexibility within the people in the organization they lead. In addition, it provides the opportunity to coach, teach and train people as they implement and adjust their plan.

These top leaders aren't quick to make decisions because they are rash or rush to judgement. It's because they are always paying attention, have a vision, purpose and mission that drives where they are going. This helps give them understanding, insight and intuition that enables them to be decisive and take action.

They adjust as they go because they are confident enough in where they are going so their ego doesn't get in the way. This allows them to be flexible by not worrying about being right, but instead, focusing on doing what's best to get where they are headed.

So, leaders know where they're going, pay attention and make decisions with ease. They challenge their followers to the point that they are often seen as unrealistic and impatient but these traits serve to produce superior results.

By Mike Moore

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