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Mike Moore is a featured keynote speaker, author, leadership, sales and peak performance coach. He shares his unique insights on leadership, coaching, sales and peak performance and developed Moore’s Law of Achievement and Moore’s Path to Peak Performance. Mike is also recognized by Builder & Developer Magazine as a Who’s Who in Homebuilding.

From his 42 years of experience in Retailing, Homebuilding, Floor Covering and the Design Center Industries, Mike has created his Moore Leadership & Peak Performance and Making Customers Series. These series include his New Home Retailing and Finished Home Design courses that address the specific challenges faced everyday by owners, executives, managers and employees in these industries.

Mike has dedicated nearly 4 decades to improving the employee, homebuying and homeownership experience. He specializes in helping Homebuilders understand the difference between New Homebuyers and Used Homebuyers, and by doing so has been called a ‘New Homebuyer Advocate’. 

Mike is also considered a futurist who began speaking about the Internet, Technology, Artificial Intelligence and the 'New Economy'​ in 1994. In 1996, he co-founded and developed Options Online, an award-winning Online Design Studio and Options Operating System for the Homebuilding Industry, which is now available as Studio Chateau, and has grown to process over 2 billion dollars of new homebuyer’s personal choices annually.

Mike is ranked by Klout in the top 0.1% on Leadership, Sales and ranked in the top 5% of Social Media influencers worldwide. His LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index ranks him in the top 1% and he’s regularly ranked by Twitter in the top 5 people on Leadership, Sales and Leadership Development.  

Mike will make your next event an exceptional experience for everyone who attends. For booking information call 858-354-2802 or email me at mmoore213@gmail.com.


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