Keynote Speaker, Author, Leadership, Peak Performance & Sales Performance Coach...

Transforming How Leaders Engage, Communicate and Coach People
To Motivate, Inspire and Unleash The Human Spirit!

Developing leaders who coach and managers who mentor is my passion. Helping people pursue excellence is my obsession!

I'm a keynote speaker, leadership, peak performance and sales performance coach. I was raised to coach, teach and lead by my father, a coach and my mother, a teacher. I'm a lifelong learner who has spent over 50 years studying leadership, coaching, team building, peak performance and the profession of sales.

I've been speaking, training and coaching professionally since 1992 and have created keynotes, presentations, courses, workshops, seminars, breakout and coaching sessions that now make up my MOORE LEADERSHIP & PEAK PERFORMANCE SERIES. In my sessions, I share unique insights from some of the greatest coaches of all time and how to apply them to business. By doing this, I teach leaders and managers how to coach and instill a performance culture where people are constantly learning, growing and improving.

THE MAKING CUSTOMERS SERIES was developed from my 42 years of experience in Retailing, Homebuilding, Design Centers and Floor Covering to address the specific challenges faced everyday by owners, executives, managers and employees in these industries.

I also began speaking about the Internet, technology and the 'new economy'​ in 1993. In 1996, I co-founded and developed Options Online, an award winning online design studio and operating system for the homebuilding industry, now available as Studio Chateau. Today, I continue to help leaders and salespeople address the challenges of this ‘new economy’.  

My sessions include practical perspectives and an understanding of human nature that enables me to connect with people to help them produce measurable and sustainable results.

Review my most popular SESSION TOPICS below in my COURSES or EXPERIENCE sections.

I will make your next event an exceptional experience for everyone who attends. For booking information call 858-354-2802 or email me at mmoore213@gmail.com.


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