A Leaders Success Rest In The Hands Of Average People

Many, including Dr. Covey, have waxed eloquently about hiring passionate, exceptional, people. This is a myth unless you are only hiring a very small group of people with unlimited opportunities for them
These people become your leaders or competition.
They move up or move out to pursue their dreams!
 to learn, earn and grow. Otherwise you will only hire and retain these types of people until they become your leaders or your competition because they move up or move out to pursue their dreams. 

So, even when you hire them you will only have them for a short time in the position they were hire to be passionate about. Keep trying to hire the best but the best needs to be defined for each position.

One of the reasons this myth keep perpetrating itself is that it sounds good to most leaders. You see most leaders think every wants to be like them, extraordinary. Most people don't, even though they can be, they don't have the will or emotional intelligence to be above average without strong mentors and leaders. This is why leaders who can coach, teach and manage people are so vital to any organizations success!

If you are leading more than a small group of people many will be average thinkers who are more interested in seeking comfort and the easy way than in being extraordinary.

This is a statistical fact, the majority of people will be average or below, especially if they aren't being coached, mentored and influenced by an effective leader.

Leadership is the key to moving a group of average people to create extraordinary results, but it is not done by expecting everyone to be exceptional. The best leaders understand they must put the right people in the right positions and then inspire and teach them to be a little more than average. A group of people all perfuming 10%-15% above average will produce extraordinary results. This is a leaders greatest challenge and the reason leadership is so vital to any group of people success.

Getting average people to come together and become teammates only happens when someone becomes a coach! This is the reason leaders who coach people continually are the most effective, and companies who teach manager how to coach and become leaders will grow and sustain their success!

By Mike Moore


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