A Checklist For Leaders Who Coach

Set standards and hold people accountable to meet them.

The lowest form of behavior you allow, accept or tolerate defines who you are as a leader and
becomes your company or organizations culture.

Serve the whole person...People are spirit, mind and body...Treat them with this as your priority.

Understand that attitudes come from the spirit, skills from the mind and actions from the body.

Attitudes are more important than skills, so coach attitudes.

Skills can be taught when the attitudes are right, so teach skills.

Actions reveal attitudes and skills, so manage actions and use them as feedback.

The organization doesn't improve, people do.

People move in the direction of their dominant thoughts, so instill right thinking.

If you manage results, you're too late, since results come from actions caused by attitudes.

Manage attitudes to produce the best results, so managing attitudes is a leaders top priority.

Find and define your higher purpose that makes people more important than things.

Character is more important than reputation, so build character daily.

You don't build relationship, you build trust and it causes relationships.

You lead by example whether you like it or not, since you're always being watched by those who don't want to learn, grow and improve.

You have to overcome your human nature to be extraordinary and you'll have to help others do the same to be their best.

The whole truth is always more than can be seen or explained by one person.

You'll have to do the things you don't want to do, to get what you want.

You have to motivate and inspire people to do the things they don't want to do, to help them get what they want and to become their best.

Trust is the most valuable currency in the world, so the truth is always the best answer.

It takes courage to be honest, but honesty isn't enough to be trustworthy, that requires keeping your commitments and caring about others.

Be present, pay attention and listen to people show respect and let people know you care about them.

Communicating openly, honestly and directly isn't just the best policy, it's the only policy.

Most people don't really want to be extraordinary but they also don't like the idea of being mediocre.

Easy never produces excellence and you'll have to be obsessed with excellence to experience it.

People won't always like you while you're challenging them to be their best, so stop trying to please people and be committed to serving them.

You'll have to make the hard decisions and take the tough actions and this can only be done if you truly care enough about people to serve them.

Spend time with the people that need you the most and that's probably not who you'll naturally want to spend it with.

Culture does always trump tactics and culture is the cumulative, pervasive, dominant attitude of the people they lead and their responsibility to manage.

It's your job to help people be prepared to, and perform to, their best.

It's a strength to be humble, gracious and forgiving.

Forgiveness doesn't mean acceptance, it just means learning from but letting go of past mistakes.

Never defend the status quo...Be a change agent by not only embracing change but promoting it

Change isn't painful, it's resistance to change that causes the pain.

Leadership is an act of service, caring and love to help people learn, grow and improve.

The only leaders people care about are the ones that care about people. Be that leader!

By Mike Moore

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