New Economy, New Opportunities

Time for selfish business intentions to give way to real capitalism based on serving and providing value to people...It's time to get real and be 100% genuine. It's time to do business based on natural laws that allow for short and long term success.

Any business model that's central intention is selfish will eventually implode and that's what's happening to the economy today! There is no recovery coming only the opportunity for a 'value based new economy'!

It will require People First Leadership! Think Henry Ford, Herb Kelleher! It works but takes character, commitment and a firm belief in the true principals of capitalism not the perverted intentions we've experienced in this generation!

Value or service have to be the intended purpose of business with profit as a result...not the central purpose, No more manipulating results for selfish intentions.

The past few decades business leaders intentions have not been much deferent than a thief's...How can I give as little as possible and maximize profits! Any wonder we're on the brink of collapse.

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